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   Overseas Dojo


Event for

2015 JUNDOKAN European Gasshuku
in Leeds / England

DATE: 2015/10/16 - 18

  Important Announcement
2012 Senior Jundokan Leadership Conference



Seniors in attendance
Miyazato Kancho , Yasuda Sensei, Mancuso Sensei, Merriman Sensei, Nakada Sensei, Gima Shinko Sensei,  Gima Tetsu Sensei, Kinjo Sensei,  Higa Sensei, Ganaha Sensei.

The Senior Jundokan Leaders are grateful to Kancho for recognizing a need and promptly organizing this conference.  We appreciate Kancho for, not only asking, but encouraging , open and truthful discussions regarding present challenges and future opportunities with respect to the Jundokan.
An interpreter was provided for this conference which greatly facilitated the necessary flow of discussion and enabling everyone to listen and share their ideas respectfully and with clarity.

In conclusion of our conference,
The following decisions have been reached by unanimous consensus.

The creation of a strong and effective communication mechanism.
To provide quality dialogue for the benefit of all Jundokan members.

Agreement that communication regarding important matters will be directed by the Jundokan through their Sensei. The decision of what seminars/ competition
etc.  a Jundokan student attends, is best decided by his/ her Sensei.  As the Sensei is in the best position to advice the student whether the event/ seminar is appropriate or beneficial to the individual student's development.

It has been discussed and agreed upon that the Jundokan is not well served by having an ultimatum placed on it's members. Therefore, effective immediately, the letter(s) regarding Taira Sensei have been removed from the website.

The Senior Jundokan Leadership
have commissioned  the creation of Three North American Directors

Sensei  Michael  Mancuso

Sensei  Chuck Merriman

Sensei  Yurio Nakada

to greatly improve dialogue with all North American Dojos.

This new Executive structure has been approved by

Miyazato Kancho



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